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Wed, 21 June 2023

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm BST


How to Supercharge Your Business With Generative AI

Benoit Bergeret

Beyond the hype, discover the true potential of generative AI for your organisation in this masterclass taught by one of Europe’s leading artificial intelligence experts.

Long foreseen as the biggest disruption to the post-industrial age since the invention of the internet, the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform every aspect of our working lives has long been anticipated – and now, with hugely powerful new tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, MidJourney and Dali, that disruption is here.

Benoit Bergeret is one of the most respected and influential figures operating in the artificial intelligence and business technology community today. As a former Fortune 500 executive, frequent advisor to the French government and major businesses on AI, ESSEC Business School director, and co-founder of Hub France IA (which seeks to act as the operating system of the AI ecosystem in his home country), Benoit is not simply an expert observer on technological change but actively working to shape AI in business to bring about a better future.

In this exclusive masterclass on Generative AI for business leaders, he will explore:

  • The fundamentals and limitations of the technology
  • Multimodal generative AI and foundation models
  • Business applications and competitive advantage
  • Risks, ethics, and bias
  • Organisational, employment and staff care considerations
  • Compliance and regulations

Whatever your organisation, no leader or executive can afford not to understand the potential and limitations of this extraordinary – even Promethean – new technology. This online masterclass is your chance to make sense of the world to come and ensure you don’t get left behind.

And, if you were wondering, here is what ChatGPT itself had to say about the masterclass: Unleash the potential of generative AI for your business in this exclusive 90-minute masterclass for CEOs and C-level executives. Learn the fundamentals, limitations, and future evolutions of the technology, explore its applications and limitations, and understand the legal, ethical, organizational, and psychological implications of generative AI adoption.

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Benoit Bergeret

Leading Technologist

Benoit Bergeret is the Executive Director of ESSEC Business School’s Metalab for Data, Technology, and Society. A recognized expert on artificial intelligence, Bergeret is a frequent advisor to French government cabinets on AI and technology business matters. He contributed to two government reports on AI that led to the creation of France’s National Strategy on AI, as well as a government report on the metaverse. He is a member of ONE.AI – OECD Networks of Experts on AI, and a speaker and author with OECD, where his work focuses on adoption of AI by mid-size companies.