Mon, 3 April 2023

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

How To Supercharge Your Batteries and Live a Fitter, Stronger, More Resilient Life

Dr Molly Maloof In Conversation With Hannah MacInnes

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Fasting, low-carb diets, and intense training can be harmful to women. Dr Molly Maloof offers strategies for nutrition, hormonal health, and stress management tailored to the female body.

A former lecturer at Stanford Medical School and pioneer of the university’s healthspan course, Dr Molly Maloof now helps high achieving investors and executives optimise their health. She joins How To Academy to share her insights.

She will show us how the intense, all-or-nothing approach used by many men to optimise their health can backfire for women, creating excessive stress in an already-stressed body. Her innovative program – which has been used successfully by her patients – offers lifestyle changes that target the unique biology of women and provide immediate and long-term benefits.

Instead of denying our bodies, we need to listen to what they are telling us. Once we become aware of our physical needs, we can give ourselves the resources to become more connected, nourished, safe, and strong at both the micro and the macro level.

With cutting-edge biohacking insights, strategies for personalised nutrition, hormonal health and stress management, this livestream event will help you reclaim your vitality and achieve lasting health.

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Dr Molly Maloof

Physician, author, and entrepreneur

Dr Molly Maloof provides health optimisation and personalised medicine to high achieving entrepreneurs, investors and technology executives. For three years she taught a pioneering course on healthspan in the Wellness Department of the Medical School at Stanford University before launching her own company, inspired by her unique philosophy of health. Since 2012, she has worked as an advisor or consultant to more than fifty companies in the digital health, consumer health, and biotechnology industries. Dr. Maloof is on the frontier of personalised medicine, digital-health technologies, biofeedback assisted lifestyle interventions, psychedelic medicine, and science-backed wellness products and services.

Hannah MacInnes

Presenter, Podcaster and Host of How To Academy’s live programmes.

Hannah MacInnes is a broadcaster and journalist. Alongside hosting How To Academy’s live programmes and podcast, she presents a cultural show on Times Radio and interviews on-stage at a number of other major literary events. She is the host of The Klosters Forum Podcast series and has written for the Radio Times, the Evening Standard and TLS. Before going freelance she worked for 8 years at BBC Newsnight, as Planning Editor and as a Producer / Filmmaker.