Fri, 16 October 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

How To Succeed In Your Career (Without Betraying Your Values)

Viv Groskop

Back by popular demand…

The acclaimed comedian, podcaster and coach returns to How To Academy for a masterclass in building a career in today’s fast paced world – without betraying your values.

An award-winning comedian, acclaimed author, broadcaster and executive coach, Viv Groskop has forged a formidable reputation as the UK’s leading expert in the art of owning the room. Through podcasts, books and her How To Academy masterclasses, Viv has taught thousands of ambitious women how to project power and confidence at work.

Now she returns to the How to Academy to present a dynamic guide to owning your ambition – without having to become someone you don’t want to be. In this masterclass, she’ll show you how to balance ambition and compassion, and reveal how women can strive for personal success while trying to help – or lift – others along the way.

There are many difficult moments at work, times when we feel awkward, when our daily micro interactions make us uncomfortable, perhaps when we have to say no or assert ourselves in a way that makes us feel less like ourselves, less ‘sisterly’. Viv will examine what sisterhood looks like these days, asks what you can do to make things better for other women and considers how to do that without disadvantaging yourself.

It’s the ultimate confidence booster for women who want to plan a career in a fast moving world, but without leaving anyone else behind. And it will address one of the biggest issues women face in the workplace – how to be ambitious without losing your sense of self.

Full of tips, takeaways and invaluable insights, this is everything you need to know about making life better for yourself – without making it worse for others.

Praise for Viv Groskop:

‘I recommend Viv Groskop’s How to Own the Room to anyone wanting more self confidence. Full of helpful concepts you can get your head round and embody. I’m finding it very useful.’ – Philippa Perry

‘Plenty of tips and tricks… The most valuable lesson is that, in Groskop’s words, “You don’t have to be a great speaker to give an amazing speech.”‘ – Style

‘The ultimate guide to public speaking. Inspirational.’ – Mary Portas

‘Demystifies the art of talking to people and winning them round to your cause.’ – The Times

‘This book is going to help so many people. It’s brilliant.’ – Emma Gannon

‘Easy steps to soothe the nerves and build confidence.’ – Nina Stibbe

‘An excellent, truly useful guide to getting more women front and centre, encouraging us to take part, noisily, in public life. (The podcast is also fabulous.)’ – Daisy Buchanan

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Viv Groskop

Journalist and radio presenter who regularly appears on BBC1’s This Week.