Tue, 1 September 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

How to Reshape Capitalism and Drive Real Change

Sir Ronald Cohen in conversation with Matthew Stadlen

Join the legendary investor and business leader for an inspiring manifesto showing that changing the world and making a profit can go hand in hand.

“There has never been a more tangible opportunity to make a transformative difference, and each of us has a significant role to play in making it happen.” – Sir Ronald Cohen

Throughout the world, capitalism and democracy are being challenged with great force. We are facing huge social and environmental problems. The world must change, but we cannot change it by throwing money at old ideas that no longer work. We must adjust our approach. To change the world, we must change how we do business, starting with where and how we invest our money.

In this conversation with journalist and broadcaster Matthew Stadlen, preeminent international investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Ronnie Cohen will show us that a solution is within our grasp. He calls it the Impact Revolution.

Impact investment is already reshaping our economic system, transforming the private sector from a polluter and driver of inequality into a powerful force for good; distributing opportunity more fairly; and bringing solutions to our great social and environmental challenges. And it promises to be as innovative and disruptive as the Tech Revolution that has preceded it.

Sir Ronald has dedicated the past two decades to creating the most effective ways of achieving real social and environmental improvement. As one of the founders of venture capital, which ushered in the Tech Revolution, he builds on his years of personal experience to deliver a compelling account of how impact is capable of reshaping capitalism, to create the kind of word we want to live in.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, an established business leader, an investor, a philanthropist, or involved in government – or are just interested, as a consumer or employee, in companies doing good and doing well at the same time – this talk is a sure fire way to find out how you can play a role in changing the world.

Praise for Sir Ronald Cohen’s IMPACT:

‘Capitalism isn’t immoral, it’s amoral – it’s a wild beast that needs to be led. Here Sir Ronnie provides the core operating manual for those seeking to do good while also doing well.’ – BONO

‘In IMPACT, Sir Ronald Cohen reaffirms the conviction that we hold our destinies in our own hands and offers a fascinating blueprint for a hope-filled future underpinned by the social power of impact investing.’ Kristalina Georgieva – Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Former CEO, World Bank Group

‘Impact is a new and very important idea to reshape and save our economic system.’  – Paul Romer – Nobel Prize in Economics 2018

Ronald Cohen

Investor and businessman who has been called “the father of British venture capital”.

Sir Ronald Cohen is an Egyptian-born British businessman, philanthropist and impact investor. He is the chairman of The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures. He has been described as “the father of British venture capital” and “the father of social investment”. He is a graduate of Oxford University, where he was President of the Oxford Union. Today, Sir Ronald lives in Tel Aviv, London, and New York with his wife of more than thirty years, Sharon Harel-Cohen, who is a film producer. Sir Ronald’s previous book The Second Bounce of the Ball explored how entrepreneurs can turn risk into opportunity, and was described by the FT as “One of the best books written on entrepreneurship in recent years.”

Matthew Stadlen

Broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host.

Matthew Stadlen is a broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host. Previously he was an LBC presenter, wrote The Matthew Stadlen Interview for the Telegraph and presented the TV series Five Minutes With and On The Road With for the BBC. He is a birdwatcher and photographer, and his book How To See Birds is out now. Twitter: @matthewstadlen