Tue, 12 October 2021

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm BST


How to Reignite Your Inner Drive

Sharath Jeevan

In both your career and your relationships, unlocking your intrinsic motivation can mean the difference between disillusionment and lasting fulfilment and success.

We are in a motivational mess today. Many of us feel like we are going through the motions – as workers, managers, spouses and partners. We feel jaded and unhappy with the organizations we are part of, whether that’s the company we work for or our child’s school. And some of us feel deeply alienated from the wider societies in which we live, particularly in the face of vast social problems – from climate change to our increasingly ‘winner takes all’ world.

But life doesn’t need to be this way. One of the world’s leading experts on human motivation, Sharath Jeevan has supported organisations across the globe – from governments to leading universities and blue chip corporations and was the found of STIR education, helping 200,000 teachers and 7 million children in emerging countries reignite their motivation.

He joins us to lead a two-part, livestream masterclass that will not only accurately diagnose our predicament but find solutions. Although most of us think of motivation as something we are either born with or not, intrinsic motivation can in fact be nurtured in all of us. Sharath Jeevan helps us see how we can achieve lasting fulfilment and success in our work, careers, relationships, and as citizens.

Sharath applies the concepts of Purpose (how what we do helps others), Autonomy (our ability to positively change things) and Mastery (our capacity to continually get better) to help us see our motivation in these key life areas in a radically new light.

In this two-part livestream course, we will explore:

Intrinsic Work: autonomy and mastery are central to our fulfilment at work, but increasingly misunderstood and undermined by employers. How can we, as both managers and employees, take a smarter approach and find a deeper purpose?

Intrinsic Success: Drawing on evidence from competitive sport, Higher Education and philanthropy, we will explore how to nurture talent in ourselves and others, overcoming the harmful ‘survival of the fittest’ mindset and truly thrive.

Sharath Jeevan

Executive Chairman, Intrinsic Labs

Sharath Jeevan is one of the world’s leading experts on re-igniting our inner drive. He is the Executive Chairman of Intrinsic Labs, which supports organisations all around the world to solve deep motivational challenges. He holds degrees from Cambridge University, Oxford University and INSEAD. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his contributions to the field and was invited to serve on the high-level steering group of the Education Commission, the pre-eminent global think tank founded by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.