Mon, 19 October 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

How to Protect Yourself From Toxic People

Thomas Erikson

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How are your weaknesses exploited by others? In this livestreamed talk by bestselling behavioural expert Thomas Erikson, you’ll learn to fight back against the manipulators — before it’s too late.

Some people are exceptionally manipulative. They can convince anyone about anything and lure them with their charm. They enjoy controlling others and will do anything to get what they want.

Sound familiar?

The bad news is that you can’t really escape them. But here comes the good news: you can beat them at their own game.
After going through the highs and lows of different personality types (Red, Blue, Green and Yellow) in his international bestseller Surrounded by Idiots, Swedish behavioural expert Thomas Erikson will now show you how your weaknesses and personality traits can be exploited by other people and how you can stop them in their tracks.

There are four broad types of personalities in every organisation, he says: dominant, inspiring, stable and analytical. And with offices currently feeling like a very distant memory, it’s more important than ever to understand who you work with.

By learning more about your personality type and how you work, you’ll be able to see through any psychopath’s manipulative behaviours and fend off their attempts to wreak havoc into your life.

Witty, engaging and informative, this talk will give you everything you need to handle life’s most skilled manipulators and identify the psychopaths in your life.

This event takes place at 6:30pm BST.

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Thomas Erikson

Behavioural expert, lecturer and bestselling author of Surrounded by Idiots.

Thomas Erikson is a Swedish behavioural expert, lecturer and bestselling author.  He has previously written crime novels and has a huge collection of Stephen King novels. For the last 18 years he has been travelling all over Europe delivering lectures and seminars in Swedish and English to executives and managers at a wide range of companies. Surrounded by Idiots (Omgiven Av Idioter) has been a Swedish runaway bestseller since it was first published in 2014. It has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, of which over 750,000 copies have been sold in Sweden alone, and it has been translated into 33 languages. Surrounded by Psychopaths has sold over 65,000 copies in Sweden.