Premium Online

Fri, 18 September 2020

3:00 pm - 5:15 pm BST

How to Present Your Best Self Online

Neil Mullarkey & Gavin Pressman

In this interactive masterclass, you’ll learn how to communicate authentically, effectively and with confidence in virtual environments.

Communicating online in virtual meetings and webinars is a different ball game to real-world face-to-face interaction, requiring us all to adapt and learn new skills for the post-pandemic world.

This masterclass on virtual communication skills course offers proven strategies, exercises, and supportive feedback to help you make a strong first impression as well as communicate clearly and concisely. You will discover how to engage others and master effective virtual communication.

Neil Mullarkey and Gavin Presman are two of the country’s pre-eminent business trainers, with decades of experience practising and teaching the world’s biggest businesses how to communicate.

In this masterclass, you will learn how to

• Apply communication principles and techniques for virtual meetings, conferences, webinars and one-to-one engagements
• Use a science-based approach to create impactful presentations
• Refine your communication style to persuade and influence others
• Learn how to use and adjust voice, energy, tone and body language
• Run more effective and impactful meetings

Don’t miss this opportunity to master the most essential skillset of our new virtual working world.

This masterclass is held in partnership with Cultivate.

Gavin Presman

Gavin Presman

Leading international sales trainer, business consultant and co-founder of Cultivate.

Gavin Presman is a leading international sales trainer and new business consultant. He regularly supports business leaders and their teams to develop and excel at pitching. As a Master Practitioner of NLP, and one of Microsoft’s leading Global Trainers, he coaches individuals and teams to understand the art of how to win pitches in the most competitive environments. Gavin has worked with clients such as W+K, Fold 7, News UK, and Microsoft, as well as a host of SME’s. He is co-founder of Cultivate, author of two books, mentor and coach at The House of St Barnabas.

Neil Mullarkey

Founding member of The Comedy Store Players and presentation skills coach.

Neil Mullarkey, who still performs with London’s famous Comedy Store Players, is a leading international performance and business improv expert. Neil has taught pitching and presenting skills to many big corporates (including WPP, Kantar, Ogilvy, Unilever and Tesco) and senior leaders in a wide variety of sectors, across the world. Often used by firms as an ’embedded expert’, he helps leaders and their teams develop both their winning “story” and their performance. He is a co-founder of Cultivate and he has written corporate videos, keynote speeches, three books and an award-winning one-man show, ‘Don’t be Needy, Be Succeedy’.