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Wed, 5 October 2022

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm BST


How to Master Business Storytelling – a Two Part Livestream Masterclass

Andreas Loizou

How can you spread your message with originality and style? Learn how to excel in creative communication for business with award-winning consultant and author Andreas Loizou.

We all know that stories work. Great stories build rapport with clients and trust between colleagues. They attract investors, convince customers and make you and your business stand out in a world of boring presentations.

But how can you create powerful stories?

Andreas Loizou has the answer. Blending a deep understanding of storytelling techniques honed at Cambridge and Faber & Faber with extensive experience of the business world, including Goldman Sachs and the Financial Times, he now teaches communications for some of the world’s most influential corporates and brands, including the London Stock Exchange, Hermes, and the European Investment Fund.

In this two part livestream course, you’ll learn how to transform yourself into a master storyteller. We’ll look at the psychology of influence to understand what readers demand from you. You’ll learn classic story structures and understand how to get your message across with impact.

Over two in-depth sessions you’ll learn how to build rapport with your audience, establish your credibility, master style, tone and impact, apply Hollywood and classical storytelling rules to you and your business, and, ultimately, change people’s perceptions.

It’s an intensely practical, highly interactive course – and best of all, it will be fun. By the end of the second session you will have a portfolio of personal stories to employ in your professional life and the tools you need to excel as a master business communicator.

All tickets to this course include a copy of Andreas’s new book, The Story Is Everything.

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Andreas Loizou

Business storyteller

Andreas designs and delivers courses in communication around the world. His client list includes the London Stock Exchange, Hermes, the European Investment Fund and Paribas. Andreas is a visiting professor in communications at Leeds University Business School and in 2021 he won the prize for business writing at IE Business School in Madrid. His first business book, The Devil’s Deal, was published in 2012. Translation rights were sold in nine territories, including China, Korea and Japan.