Wed, 27 January 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


How To Harness the Voice Inside Your Head

Prof. Ethan Kross in conversation with Matthew Stadlen

Turn your ‘inner critic’ into a supportive coach with award-winning psychologist Ethan Kross, one of the world’s leading experts on controlling the conscious mind.

Along with being a pioneering psychologist and neuroscientist, Ethan Kross is an unusually gifted writer and storyteller. He shows that instead of trying to silence your monkey mind, you can learn to educate it, motivate it, and even reason with it.’ – Adam Grant

We all have a voice in our head that we tune into from time to time for guidance, ideas andwisdom. Except sometimes, this voice leads us down a rabbit hole of negative self-talk andendless rumination which undermines our performance at work, interferes with our ability to make good decisions, and negatively influences our relationships.

Since we aren’t going to stop talking to ourselves— and, frankly, we don’t want to, since the voices in our heads have valuable things to say—it’s important we learn to use our introspection effectively.

Drawing on more than twenty years of ground-breaking research, University of Michigan Psychologist Ethan Kross joins How To Academy to reveal the life-changing potential of a mind constructively channelled.

Interweaving cutting-edge science with real world cases studies like Malala Yousafzai and LeBron James, Ethan will show us how we might have better conversations with ourselves – ones that make us happier, healthier, and more productive people.

After a year when most of us have spent more time alone than we would like, living indoors inside our own heads for months on end, this livestream event will help us fully harness the power of our own inner voice.

Praise for Ethan Kross’s Chatter:

‘I talk to myself. So do you. Yet this remarkable capacity for introspection can sometimes lead us astray. Ethan Kross shows us how to redirect our inner voices away from rumination and self-criticism, and toward reflection and self-improvement. Chatter is profound and practical — it will leave you with a fresh understanding of yourself, and new strategies to live a fuller life.’ – Daniel Pink, author of Drive

‘Fresh and riveting, Chatter is a landmark book that will change the way you think about human nature.’ – Angela Duckworth, author of Grit

‘Ethan Kross isn’t just a world-renowned scientist, he’s an expert storyteller. Urgent, lucid and compelling, Chatter is the book the world needs now.’ – Susan Cain, author of Quiet

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Prof. Ethan Kross

Psychology Professor, University of Michigan.

Ethan Kross PhD is one of the world’s leading experts on controlling the conscious mind. An award-winning professor in the University of Michigan’s top ranked Psychology Department and its Ross School of Business, he is the director of the Emotion & Self Control Laboratory. He has participated in policy discussion at the White House, and has been interviewed about his work on Good Morning America and NPR Morning Edition. His pioneering research has been featured in the New York Times, New Yorker and New England Journal of Medicine and Science. He completed his BA at the University of Pennsylvania, and his PhD at Columbia University.

Private: Matthew Stadlen

Broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host.

Matthew Stadlen is a broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host. Previously he was an LBC presenter, wrote The Matthew Stadlen Interview for the Telegraph and presented the TV series Five Minutes With and On The Road With for the BBC. He is a birdwatcher and photographer, and his book How To See Birds is out now. Twitter: @matthewstadlen