Fri, 16 April 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm BST

How to Harness the Power of Your Networks

Marissa King, Yale Professor of Organisational Behaviour - in conversation with Matthew Stadlen

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Are you an Expansionist, a Broker, or a Convener? Understanding the contours of your social network can dramatically enhance personal relationships, work life, and even your global impact.

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that it is the size of your network that matters: how many people do you know? We’re told to mix, mingle, and connect. But social science research suggests otherwise.

This talk by Yale Professor Marissa King will utterly transform the way you think about ‘networking.’

The quality and structure of our relationships have far greater impact on our personal and professional lives. our relationships with friends, family, co-workers, neighbours, and collaborators are by far our greatest asset. Yet, most people leave them to chance.

In this talk, Marissa King, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Yale, argues that there are strategic ways in which we can alter our relationships for a happier and more fulfilling life. With new understanding, she will help you to see how to harness the power of your networks in your personal relationships, at work, and to create a better world.

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Marissa King

Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Yale School of Management

Marissa King is Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Yale School of Management, where she developed and teaches a popular course entitled Managing Strategic Networks. A sociologist and network scientist by training, her research investigates social influence, social networks, and team dynamics. Her most recent line of research analyses the individual and group-level behaviours that are necessary for large-scale organizational change.

Matthew Stadlen

Broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host.

Matthew Stadlen is a broadcaster, writer and regular How To Academy host. Previously he was an LBC presenter, wrote The Matthew Stadlen Interview for the Telegraph and presented the TV series Five Minutes With and On The Road With for the BBC. He is a birdwatcher and photographer, and his book How To See Birds is out now. Twitter: @matthewstadlen