Fri, 16 April 2021

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm BST

How To Create a Hit Podcast – a Three-part Masterclass

Edie Lush

In our digital age, podcasts are the most democratic and innovative form of non-fiction storytelling yet devised. Creator of the Global GoalsCast and veteran broadcaster Edie Lush joins us to help you turn your idea into a chart-topper.

We live in a golden age of audio. Unlike television, film, and radio, the podcast medium gives every aspiring storyteller a way to cut through the noise and reach an ever-expanding global audience.

Whether your taste leans towards the pioneering journalism of This American Life, the unmissable cultural conversations of The High Low, or the startling and innovative sonic landscapes of Love and Radio, podcasting is a playground where creators can communicate directly with listeners, sharing ideas and stories without the eye-watering costs, gatekeepers, or technical skill bar that restrict access to traditional broadcast media.

But how do you go about turning your dream into a reality? Hosted by veteran broadcast journalist and renowned podcaster Edie Lush, this three-part livestream course will guide you through the fundamentals of devising, producing and launching a podcast series, with insider advice to save you months of research and ensure you don’t make mistakes that could hold back the potential of your show.

Friday 16th April – Session 1: The Format. What story are you trying to tell? Who are your team and who is your audience? Should you use scripts? How often should the podcast go out? This session will look in-depth at the creative process of defining and refining the core concepts of your show.

Friday 23rd April – Session 2: The Launch. Show I use show notes and transcripts? What’s the social media strategy? Should I partner with other shows? This session focuses on how to grow your podcast and find your audience.

Friday 30th April – Session 3: The Tech. What’s the best microphone to use? What editing software should I use? How do I interweave music and silence do create the right atmosphere? What platforms should I target? This final session focuses on the key lessons for producing and distributing your show.

Edie Lush

Author, Podcaster, Communication Trainer and Event MC

Edie Lush, a British-American Journalist, is an Author, Podcaster, a Communication Trainer and Event MC. She is Co-Host and Executive Producer of the Global GoalsCast podcast and Executive Editor of Hub Culture. From events in Davos to the UN General Assembly in New York to the COP Climate Summits she has thousands of interviews under her belt. Edie also runs her own business providing senior leaders, influencers, academics and executives with Communication training.

Edie has been the Economics and Political correspondent for Bloomberg Television, a columnist at The Week magazine and the Associate Editor of Spectator Business magazine. Before becoming a journalist Edie was a political analyst for investment bank UBS in London and New York-based hedge fund Omega Advisors.