Thu, 11 March 2021

3:00 pm - 5:15 pm GMT

How To Communicate Better in a Virtual World

Anna Percy-Davis

How do you say “no”, deliver difficult messages, resolve conflict and act persuasively when your communication is limited to Zoom or similar platforms?

The global pandemic has transformed working life in every industry, introducing millions of us to the challenges of communicating across cities and continents via video-conferencing platforms. Even the most experienced and persuasive among us are prone to awkward and ineffective communication in the newly digitised world.

Executive coach Anna Percy-Davis is here to help. Adapting the best tools from the offline world to suit the demands of cyberspace, and introducing new concepts formed around the acute challenges of human contact over Zoom and other platforms, she joins us to deliver a hands-on, practical guide to forming meaningful connections in this strange ‘new normal’.

You will learn

  • How to be an authentic communicator online
  • The rules of effective communication — from listening to questioning and beyond.
  • How to pre-suade the conversation so no matter what you have to say it is received well.
  • How to say no, deliver difficult messages and resolve conflict virtually.
  • How to be a force for good and turn the virtual world into an opportunity for you and those around you

As office life and business travel look increasingly unlikely to resume in their old form even after the COVID pandemic is over, this masterclass is an unmissable opportunity to boost your skillset for long-term professional success.


Anna Percy Davis

Executive and Careers Coach specialising in mindset, confidence and motivation.

Anna Percy-Davis is a leading Executive and Careers Coach and Trainer. Anna works with people at both an organisational and individual level, helping them to develop the skills they need to thrive. Anna specialises in mindset, motivation, confidence and communication, key aspects and skills which are needed to improve performance and unlock potential. Anna has a first class degree in Economics and Psychology, a foundation training in Psychotherapy and a coaching training from The Coaches Training Institute. With a background in both Investment Banking and Recruitment, Anna is well-versed in the pressures that employees face.