Wed, 3 March 2021

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


How to Build Exceptional Relationships with Friends, Family and Colleagues

David Bradford and Carole Robin

With 75 years of teaching on the world’s top ranked MBA, David Bradford and Carole Robin are the world’s foremost authorities on the art and science of building thriving relationships.

When we find ourselves in an exceptional relationship – the kind of relationship where we feel fully understood and supported for who we are – it can seem like magic. Exceptional relationships help us to be more self-aware, and compassionate, and we can build deep, fulfilling, personal connections with a wide range of people in every aspect of our lives.

Many of us struggle to build these solid connections at work, with friends or at home, or may simply have a weak spot in a particular area of our lives. But the truth is that the process of building and sustaining these relationships can be described, learned and applied.

David Bradford and Carole Robin have taught the skills required to build exceptional relationships to Stanford MBA candidates and Silicon Valley leaders; now, in this livestream event, they will share their insights with you.

This talk will delve into the workings of our relationships to help explain what’s really going on — offering practical takeaways and actionable tips to enable you to make dynamic changes resulting in stronger, happier, deeper relationships with less unnecessary conflict.

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David Bradford

Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Leadership at Stanford

David Bradford is Eugene O’Kelly II Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Leadership at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he helped develop Interpersonal Dynamics (“Touchy Feely”). He lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife of more than fifty years.

Carole Robin

Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership at Stanford

Carole Robin was the Dorothy J. King Lecturer in Leadership at Stanford, where she taught for more than twenty years before co-founding Leaders in Tech, which brings the principles and process of Interpersonal Dynamics to executives in Silicon Valley. She lives in Palo Alto, California, with her husband of thirty-five years.