Thu, 10 June 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm BST

How To Be Clear – A Livestream Masterclass In Business Writing

Philip Collins

Join Tony Blair’s former Chief Speechwriter and Times columnist Philip Collins for a masterclass in drafting clear, lucid, and inspiring writing for business.

The bad reputation many businesses have in our time is intimately connected to the lack of clarity in the language they use.

Taught by Times columnist Philip Collins, this livestream masterclass will teach business executives how to stop using the language of nonsense and start using language that has clarity and meaning. It’s a lucid, entertaining and practical guide for anyone who cares about language to help them improve their communications and thus also their business practices.

If you’ve ever read – or written – a strategy document promising to ‘launch a red-thread concept across a range of buzzworthy physical and digital touchpoints’; if you’ve ever ‘demised’ an employee or ‘combined playbooks in many different category spaces’, or taken a ‘deep dive through deliverables cross-pollinated across content streams’ – then this session is for you.

Philip says: ‘Business is a simple enterprise made complex by people who do it badly. The typical corporate strategy is a convoluted document of faulty thinking. A murky piece of writing is always the tip-off that a company is not clear on what it is doing. It is never difficult to be clear about a good idea.’

Find out how in this exclusive, livestream masterclass.

This session includes a copy of Philip’s new book To Be Clear for all UK-based participants.

Philip Collins

Speechwriter and Times Columnist

Philip Collins is the author of five previous books, two novels (The Men From The Boys and Bobby Dazzler) and three works of non-fiction, The Art of Speeches and Presentations, When They Go Low, We Go High and Start Again. He is a Contributing Editor at the New Statesman and a Columnist for the Evening Standard having been, for thirteen years, a writer on The Times. Mr Collins is a former Chief Speechwriter for the Prime Minister Tony Blair. He is also the founder and Writer-in-Chief of a writing company, The Draft Writers.