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Thu, 30 September 2021

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm BST


How To Be Assertive and Project Confidence (a Masterclass for Women)

Anna Percy-Davis

In this exclusive, livestreamed masterclass, you’ll learn how to be assertive and authoritative both in our new digital workplaces and in the real world.

This masterclass from leading Executive Coach Anna Percy-Davis is designed to help women excel at work. Highly interactive, and packed full of practical advice for managing your working life, Anna will deliver essential tips and strategies for success in any professional environment. The class is built around three Cs:

– Confidence — how to act and behave in a confident, assertive fashion no matter what situation you find yourself in.

– Communication — how to be front-footed in a group meeting, a one-to-one situation and how to make sure you are heard and you stay in control of any conversation you have in your working day.

– Careers — how to manage your career to ensure you get the promotion you deserve, the salary you desire and still have a work/life balance.

Addressing the unique challenges and opportunities for women in the working world, and integrating the best new thinking and practices from the worlds of psychology and business, this masterclass will help you realise your ambitions, grow and ultimately, thrive.

This digital masterclass is highly interactive, with face-to-face interaction with the facilitator, and exercises between participants conducted in breakout sessions. The masterclass is conducted over Zoom.

This talk takes place at 3:00pm GMT.

Anna Percy Davis

Executive and Careers Coach specialising in mindset, confidence and motivation.

Anna Percy-Davis is a leading Executive and Careers Coach and Trainer. Anna works with people at both an organisational and individual level, helping them to develop the skills they need to thrive. Anna specialises in mindset, motivation, confidence and communication, key aspects and skills which are needed to improve performance and unlock potential. Anna has a first class degree in Economics and Psychology, a foundation training in Psychotherapy and a coaching training from The Coaches Training Institute. With a background in both Investment Banking and Recruitment, Anna is well-versed in the pressures that employees face.