Wed, 12 August 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


How the Universe Ends

Katie Mack

We know the universe had a beginning. But what happens at the end of the story? A rising star of astrophysics joins How To Academy for a mind-bending tour of the end of the everything.

We humans may have no chance of changing how the universe ends – but we can at least begin to understand it.

In this livestreamed talk, astrophysicist and science writer Katie Mack takes us on a trip to the end of the cosmos. She’ll explore each of the possible big finales anticipated by science – from Heat Death to the Big Crunch, Vacuum Decay to the Bounce. Our universe could collapse in upon itself, rip itself apart – or even succumb to the an inescapable expanding bubble of doom.

Guiding us through the major concepts in quantum mechanics, cosmology, string theory and more, you’ll discover how even small tweaks to our incomplete understanding of reality can result in starkly different futures.
Don’t miss this wild ride to the farthest reaches of all that we know.

Praise for Katie Mack:

‘Joyous, beautiful and strange. . . filled with brilliant moments where you just have to stop and stare out of the window for a while’ — Robin Ince

The End of Everything combines deep thinking about physics and big-picture awe in the style of Carl Sagan’ — Randall Munroe, author of What If?

‘Everything dies, even the universe. But will it be a peaceful fading-away, or a dramatic cataclysm? Scientists don’t know for sure, but Katie Mack provides an expert and entertaining guide to the possibilities. Who knew a book about the end of the universe could communicate so much passion for science?’ — Sean Carroll, author of Something Deeply Hidden

‘This book teaches you that the universe could end at any moment, but is so good that you will be rooting for it not to-at least, not until you finish the book. Katie Mack’s witty, lucid prose is endlessly delightful’ — Alexandra Petri, author of Nothing Is Wrong and Here Is Why

This talk takes place at 6:30pm British Summer Time.

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Katie Mack

Theoretical astrophysicist, writer and Twitter science phenomenon with over 375,000 followers.

Katie Mack is a theoretical astrophysicist and one of the most popular scientists on Twitter, with more than 350,000 followers. Throughout her career as a researcher at Caltech, Princeton, Cambridge, Melbourne and now North Carolina State University, she has studied dark matter, black holes, cosmic strings and the formation of the first galaxies. As a science writer, she has been published by Slate, Time, and Scientific American, as well as having a regular column in Cosmos magazine.