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Tue, 13 December 2022

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm GMT

Horatio Clare Meets Sir Anthony Seldon

The Path of Peace – Walking the Western Front Way

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Touching on grief, loss and the legacy of war, join the acclaimed historian for a journey to the haunting trenches of Arras, the Somme, Ypres and beyond.

Without a permanent home, a wife or a job, and with no clear sense of where his life was going, Sir Anthony Seldon set out on a pilgrimage from the French-Swiss border to the English Channel.

The route of his journey was inspired by a young British soldier of the First World War, Alexander Douglas Gillespie, who dreamed of creating a ‘Via Sacra’ that the men, women and children of Europe could walk to honour the fallen.

Tragically, Gillespie was killed in action, his vision forgotten for a hundred years, until a chance discovery in the archive of one of England’s oldest schools galvanised Anthony into seeing the Via Sacra permanently established.

Tracing the historic route of the Western Front, he traversed some of Europe’s most beautiful and evocative scenery, from the Vosges to Argonne and Champagne. Along the way, he wrestled heat exhaustion, dog bites and blisters as well as a deeper search for inner peace and renewed purpose.

Don’t miss the extraordinary story of Sir Anthony’s epic walk – an unforgettable act of remembrance and a triumphant rediscovery of what matters most in life.

Praise for Sir Anthony Seldon’s The Path of Peace:

‘A deeply informed meditation on the First World War, an exploration of walking’s healing power, a formidable physical achievement… and above all a moving enactment of a modern pilgrimage.’ – Rory Stewart

‘The Western Front Way, an idea that waited 100 years for its moment, is the simplest and fittest memorial yet to the agony of the Great War. Anthony Seldon’s account of how he walked it, and what it means to all of us, will be an inspiration to younger generations.’ – Sebastian Faulks

‘A journey of self-discovery and a pilgrimage of peace… A remarkable book by a remarkable man.’ – Michael Morpurgo

‘An incredible journey that will move and inspire.’ – Bear Grylls

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Sir Anthony Seldon

Educator and Historian

Sir Anthony Seldon is an educator, historian, writer and commentator. He’s a director of the Royal Shakespeare Company and Chair of the National Archives Trust. He is author or editor of over forty books on contemporary history, politics and education, including The Impossible Office?, May at 10 and Blair Unbound.

Horatio Clare

Writer and Broadcaster

Horatio Clare was born in London and raised on a sheep farm in South Wales. He read English at York University before joining the BBC as an arts radio producer. Horatio’s essays and features are published in The Financial Times, Travel + Leisure, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Spectator and Conde Nast Traveller, where he is a Contributing Editor.  He is a regular contributor to ‘From Our Own Correspondent’ on BBC Radio Four and the World Service. Horatio’s acclaimed books of nature and travel include Orison for a Curlew (2017), The Light in the Dark – A winter journal (2018) and Something of His Art – Walking to Lubeck with J S Bach (2018).