Tue, 14 February 2023

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Vex King – Get Closer to Love

Live on Stage in London

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Join bestselling author and coach Vex King and his wife Kaushal and discover how to create stronger relationships and deepen your connections.

Are you ready to experience true, unconditional love?

Modern relationships are more complex than ever, and our approach to love often comes from a place of lack – but Vex King argues that the purest love is built on self-love. The bestselling author of Good Vibes, Good Life has become an icon of compassion, inspiring his 1.3m followers with words of wisdom. 

Now, he and his wife, leading influencer in beauty and wellness Kaushal, are joining us in London for a rare live event where they will share their wisdom and experience. After hearing them speak and having the chance to ask them your own questions, you will leave this event ready to:

– Understand the role you play within your connections
– Build meaningful and mindful relationships
– Learn how to love authentically and unconditionally

Isn’t it time you got closer – to yourself, to others, and to love? Don’t miss the chance to hear from a relationship expert and feel empowered to cultivate mature, meaningful relationships – whether that be romantic, familial, or with yourself. 

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Vex King

Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of The Rising Circle

Vex King is an acclaimed mind coach who rose to fame on Instagram, and the author of the Sunday Times #1 bestsellers Good Vibes, Good Life and Healing is the New High. Together with his wife Kaushal, Vex founded The Rising Circle, a wellness and lifestyle community whose mission is to help create a world filled with compassion. He has more than 1.3m followers across his platforms and can be found on Twitter and Instagram @vexking.


Wellness Influencer and Co-Founder of The Rising Circle

Kaushal was born in the UK, has lived and studied in the US, and now lives in the UK with husband Vex. She began her journey on YouTube in 2010 and now has over 3.6m followers on social media, who look to her for beauty tutorials as well as walking meditations, tips for inner calm and messages of self-love. Kaushal is a leading South Asian voice within the beauty industry and regularly consults with brands on diversity practices. She is also the co-founder of The Rising Circle with Vex.

Hannah MacInnes

Presenter, Podcaster and Host of How To Academy’s live programmes.

Hannah MacInnes is a broadcaster and journalist. Alongside hosting How To Academy’s live programmes and podcast, she presents a cultural show on Times Radio and interviews on-stage at a number of other major literary events. She is the host of The Klosters Forum Podcast series and has written for the Radio Times, the Evening Standard and TLS. Before going freelance she worked for 8 years at BBC Newsnight, as Planning Editor and as a Producer / Filmmaker.