Thu, 20 August 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT


The Entangled Destinies of Nature, Human Beings and Machines

George Dyson in conversation with Sinead Bovell

In a world where humans coexist with technologies they no longer control or understand, who holds the future?

George Dyson is one of the world’s leading historians of Artificial Intelligence and digital technology. Raised in the Princeton Institute for Advanced Study as the rebellious son of physicist Freeman Dyson and mathematician Verena Huber-Dyson, his family history is intimately interwoven with the story of 20th century science – and the foundations of our own networked age.
Now he joins futurist Sinead Bovell for a spellbinding exploration of the emergence of the digital age and an unsettling vision of what comes next.
From an eighteenth-century Russian expedition to the furthest reaches of North America, to the mirror signals that heralded the age of digital long-range communications and the invention of the vacuum tube, George and Sinead will interweave historical adventure with scientific insight in a deeply personal story that frames the pursuit – and cost – of the digital revolution in a captivating new light.
Don’t miss this chance to discover the hidden connections that underpin the world’s digital transformation, and hear a powerful premonition of what might follow.

Praise for George Dyson’s Analogia:

“This book pierces through the fog of everyday life. Read and you will become aware of history you need to know, and of how the last few centuries of the human story sit within a much larger, epochal frame. An extra treat is insight into the remarkable Dyson family” Jaron Lanier
“The most delightfully peculiar book I’ve ever read. It’s grand and intimate, personal and cosmic, and about digital computing and archaic hunter gatherers. Every paragraph is a surprise” Kevin Kelly, Wired
This event takes place at 6:30pm BST.

George Dyson

Technology historian and author who specialises in the history of computing and AI.

George Dyson is a historian of technology and the author of several books including Turing’s Cathedral, Project Orion and Darwin Among the Machines. As a writer, Western Washington University lecturer and contributor to the Edge Foundation, George is an expert in the history of computing and development of AI. His TED talk on the birth of the computer has nearly 1 million views.

Sinead Bovell

Sinead Bovell is a Futurist and the Founder of WAYE, an organization that prepares youth for a future with advanced technologies.

Sinead Bovell is a Futurist and the Founder and CEO of WAYE, an organization that prepares youth for a future with advanced technologies. To date, Bovell has educated over 10k young entrepreneurs on the intersection of technology and the future, and has spoken at world renowned institutions such as the United Nations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Bloomberg, and Cornell University on the future of technology. Bovell has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Chemistry, and an MBA from the University of Toronto.