Thu, 24 February 2022

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

Age Proof – The New Science of Living a Longer and Healthier Life

Professor Rose Anne Kenny

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One of the world’s leading scientists on ageing joins us with a revealing account of what ageing is and how we can tackle its more serious side effects.

Did you know that we can lead longer and healthier lives by making simple changes right now?

Professor Rose Anne Kenny has 35 years of experience at the forefront of ageing medicine. In this livestream event, she will draw on her own pioneering research and the latest evidence to demystify why we age and show us that 80% of our ageing biology is within our control: we can not only live longer lives but become happier and healthier deep into our later years.

Effortlessly distilling scientific theory into practical advice that we can apply to our everyday lives, Professor Kenny examines the impact that food, genetics, friendships, purpose, sex, exercise and laughter have on how our cells age. This illuminating talk will show you the steps you can take to stay younger for longer – and will prove that you really are just as young as you feel.

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Professor Rose Anne Kenny

Physician and Researcher, Trinity College Dublin

Professor Rose Anne Kenny is an award-winning physician and researcher who has been Head of the academic department of Medical Gerontology at Trinity College Dublin since 2006. She is the founding Principal Investigator of The Irish LongituDinal study on Ageing (TILDA). Prof Kenny has published over 600 scientific publications to date and was admitted as a Member of the Royal Irish Academy (M.R.I.A) in 2014 – Irelands highest recognition for scientific excellence.