Adrian Chiles Meets Dom Joly – The Conspiracy Tourist | How To Academy



Wed, 1 November 2023

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Adrian Chiles Meets Dom Joly – The Conspiracy Tourist

Live on Stage in London

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Conspiracy theories used to be fun; now they are dangerous. Why are people drawn to them? Dom Joly joins Adrian Chiles to share the story of his journey into the heart of conspiracy mania.

Conspiracy theories used to be fun, a bit of laugh. Did we really land on the moon? Was Paul McCartney cloned? Nowadays, however, in the aftermath of Donald Trump, a global pandemic and the ever-increasing influence of social media algorithms and AI, they are part of the body politic and a massive cause of division and mistrust.

Comedian Dom Joly set out on a global journey to find out what’s going on. His travels saw him meeting followers of QAnon in Cornwall, some New Age-ers in Glastonbury, hunting for UFOs in Roswell, chasing Alex Jones of Info Wars around Austin, Texas, trying to prove that Finland exists and taking a flat-earther to the edge of the world.

On the way Dom inevitably found the funny and the quirky, but he also tried to understand what makes people so drawn to conspiracy theories. What if those he has long dismissed as crazed loonies actually have a point? What if we are the sheeple and they’ve been right all along?

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Dom Joly


Dom Joly is a multi-award-winning comedian, has been a columnist for the Independent, I and Metro, and is also an award-winning travel writer for the Sunday Times and the Mail On Sunday. He was the star, producer and director of Trigger Happy TV (2000-2003), a hidden camera prank show that was broadcast in over 70 countries worldwide. He is also an ambassador for Save the Children. He lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and two kids.

Adrian Chiles

Journalist and Broadcaster

Adrian Chiles is a well-known face and voice from television and radio, with over 25 years in broadcasting behind him.  Best known for his work on television shows like Working Lunch, The Apprentice: You’re Fired, The One Show and presenting football for the BBC’s MOTD2 and for ITV, he presents a show twice weekly on BBC Radio Five Live and writes regularly for The Guardian and The Sun. His first book, We Don’t Know What We’re Doing, about his own and his fellow fans’ obsession with their football team, West Bromwich Albion, was followed up last year with the educational – and autobiographical – guide to drinking less, The Good Drinker, now updated and available in paperback.