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Mon, 16 October 2023

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm BST

A Night to Remember

David Nutt, Gelong Thubten, Cat Bohannon, Caspar Henderson

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A night of big ideas and spellbinding stories, including David Nutt on how psychedelics can change your life, and Caspar Henderson on the sounds of the cosmos.

Join us for a cabaret like no other. We’ve gathered five of the most exciting thinkers to share insight and inspiration in an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Professor David Nutt will cut through the noise around psychedelics and share his research around the power of these powerful drugs to revolutionise not only the treatment of mental health conditions including depression, PTSD, and disordered eating, but our understanding of brain mechanisms and even consciousness itself.

We all go through hard times. Buddhist monk and Sunday Times bestselling author Gelong Thubten will teach us how to cultivate happiness, kindness, and resilience by reframing life’s difficulties as opportunities for transformation.

Changing everything you think you know about evolution, Cat Bohannon will take us through 200 million years to tell the story of the female sex. We’ll discover how wet nurses drove civilisation, the relationship between evolution and sexism, and whether our babies are at war with our bodies.

And Caspar Henderson will introduce us to the world as we’ve never heard it before, bringing his characteristic curiosity, knowledge, and sense of wonder to the heard universe. From the vast sound of sand in the desert to the tuneful warble of a songbird, he will celebrate the ways that sound shapes our world in invisible but profound ways.

Whether you love art, science, people, or our beautiful planet, this is a one-of-a-kind gathering of extraordinary minds that no-one should miss.

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David Nutt

Neuropsychopharmacologist, Imperial College

David Nutt is a professor of neuropsychopharmacology specialising in the research of alcohol and drugs. He set up the Psychopharmacology Unit in Bristol University before moving to Imperial College London in December 2008 where he currently leads a unit with a particular focus on brain sciences. When he was sacked from being a government advisor, David knew that he had to keep researching and talking about evidence-based drugs policy. So he set up a charity, now called Drug Science, to act as an honest, impartial and evidence based expert group free from any political pressure. As chair of Drug Science, David continues to provide the public, media and politicians with analyses on drugs and drugs policy.

Cat Bohannon


Cat Bohannon completed her PhD in 2022 at Columbia University, where she studied the evolution of narrative and cognition. Her writing has appeared in Scientific American, Science magazine, The Best American Nonrequired Reading, The Georgia Review, and on The Story Collider. She lives in the U.S. with her partner and two offspring.

Gelong Thubten

Monk and Mindfulness Teacher

Gelong Thubten is one of the UK’s foremost meditation and mindfulness teachers. He works with the tech giants of Silicon Valley as well as many other global companies, also with Hollywood stars, schoolchildren, major universities, hospitals and prisons. He is a world pioneer, as he introduced these techniques in the corporate sector over 20 years ago, before the mindfulness trend had emerged. His approach includes the development of compassion, which greatly enhances the benefits of the training. He designs and delivers mindfulness courses for medical students at the National University of Ireland; he has lectured at Oxford University and is speaking for the United Nations in 2019. Thubten and the neuroscientist Ash Ranpura collaborated with Ruby Wax on her latest bestselling book – How to be Human, the Manual – and they are currently touring the UK with a live show based on it. Thubten’s book A Monk’s Guide to Happiness was published in June.

Caspar Henderson

Journalist, Editor, and Author

Caspar Henderson has been a journalist and an editor: a contributor to BBC Radio 4, Financial Times, The Guardian, Nature, New Scientist and openDemocracy. His debut, The Book of Barely Imagined Beings (Granta, 2012), won the Roger Deakin Award of the Society of Authors and the Jerwood Award of the Royal Society of Literature, and was shortlisted for the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books. A New Map of Wonders (Granta) was published in 2017. A Book of Noises will be published by Granta in October 2023. He lives in Oxford.