Mon, 14 February 2022

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

A Journey to the Edge of the Universe

Michael Dine In Conversation With Robin Ince

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Discover what ongoing scientific investigations reveal about the nature of reality at its smallest, at its largest, and at the scale of our daily lives with world renowned physicist Michael Dine.

Widely recognized as one of the greatest living physicists, Michael Dine has made profound contributions to our understanding of matter, time, the Big Bang and even what might have come before it.

In this livestream In Conversation event with broadcaster, science communicator and comedian Robin Ince, Michael will celebrate what cutting edge science can tell us about the nature of the universe we live in – in language that anyone can follow.

If you want to find out about the Big Bang, Dark Matter and Energy, the Higgs boson – and more – there is no better guide.

Praise for Michael Dine’s This Way to the Universe:

‘This book is a rare event: a grand overview of the leading ideas in modern fundamental physics, presented by someone who is a true master.’ – Sean Carroll, author of From Eternity to Here

‘This book, written by one of the great masters of modern physics, is an extraordinary journey into what we know, what we hope to know, and what we don’t know, about the universe and the laws that govern it.’ – Leonard Susskind, author of The Theoretical Minimum series

‘Everything you wanted to know about physics but were afraid to ask. This Way to the Universe is a fascinating and sweeping tour of the history of ideas in modern physics and cosmology.’ – Priyamvada Natarajan, author of Mapping the Heavens

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Michael Dine

Particle Physicist

Michael Dine is Distinguished Professor of Physics at the SantaCruz Institute for Particle Physics. One of the world’s leading physicists, he has made important contributions to our understanding of particle physics and string theory, has proposed arguably the leading candidate for the identity of the dark matter, and put forth some of the most promising ideas to explain why our universe consists of something rather than nothing.

Robin Ince

Comedian and co-host of award-winning Radio 4 science show The Infinite Monkey Cage.

Robin Ince is the co-presenter of Radio 4’s multiple award winning The Infinite Monkey Cage. He spent 2019 appearing across the world in the Universal tour with Brian Cox – travelling from LA to Oslo, Wellington to Aberdeen and ending up in Reykjavik after shows at the 02 and Wembley Arena. Robin co-wrote How to Build a Universe (part 1) with Brian Cox and his most recent book is I’m a Joke and So Are You, a book about why we become who we become and how we deal with it.