Thu, 26 November 2020

6:30 pm - 7:30 pm GMT

A Buddhist Monk’s Guide to Happiness

Gelong Thubten

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A talk on meditation, mindfulness and the nature of happiness.

“Thubten is a very generous and kind monk who writes with the lived honesty and humour of someone who has experienced the wisdom he shares.” – Benedict Cumberbatch

We’re all on a search for happiness, but we tend to look in places that are ultimately unsatisfying.

Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten should know. A former actor living a wild lifestyle in New York, he suffered from severe anxiety and a near-death burnout. This dramatic wake-up call led him to completely change his life: he became a monk studying under some of the most experienced Tibetan meditation masters, and training in intensive meditation retreats, the longest of which was 4 years long. 

A world pioneer in teaching mindfulness meditation and now a Sunday Times best-selling author, Thubten has worked over the past 20 years with everyone from prisons and hospitals to Silicon Valley tech giants, from school children and charities to Ruby Wax and Benedict Cumberbatch, and he shows how meditation is not simply a stress-reduction tool or a relaxation therapy, but the key to finding long-lasting happiness. In this livestream talk, he’ll reveal how.

Known for demystifying meditation and helping busy people establish a daily practice, Thubten says: “I want to help bring meditation into the heart of people’s daily lives, not only to reduce stress and gain greater mastery over thoughts and emotions, but also to discover the mind’s deep potential for unconditional compassion and freedom. Happiness is inside us all, waiting.”

Praise for Gelong Thubten:

“Think that advice from a monk would be sanctimonious and unrealistic? Think again: Thubten is thoughtful, pragmatic and observant; and A Monk’s Guide to Happiness is as much a work of social critique as it is a guide to a mindful life.” – Pandora Sykes

“Matt and I have both completely fallen in love with Thubten’s outlook on life and his way of creating a genuine sense of happiness. His meditations have been a real game-changer too. I really couldn’t recommend this book more highly.” – Ella Mills, founder of Deliciously Ella

“Gelong Thubten’s book is as warm, wise and generous as the man himself. We’ve never needed a voice like his more.” – Melanie Reid, The Times


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Gelong Thubten

Monk and Mindfulness Teacher

Gelong Thubten is one of the UK’s foremost meditation and mindfulness teachers. He works with the tech giants of Silicon Valley as well as many other global companies, also with Hollywood stars, schoolchildren, major universities, hospitals and prisons. He is a world pioneer, as he introduced these techniques in the corporate sector over 20 years ago, before the mindfulness trend had emerged. His approach includes the development of compassion, which greatly enhances the benefits of the training. He designs and delivers mindfulness courses for medical students at the National University of Ireland; he has lectured at Oxford University and is speaking for the United Nations in 2019. Thubten and the neuroscientist Ash Ranpura collaborated with Ruby Wax on her latest bestselling book – How to be Human, the Manual – and they are currently touring the UK with a live show based on it. Thubten’s book A Monk’s Guide to Happiness was published in June.