An unmissable conversation on Photography between American photographer Lynn Stern and William Boyd.

Lynn Stern is known for her unusual approach to the medium, creating images that, in the words of A.D. Coleman “are not about what they are of.” Stern considers photography to be essentially a medium of light, not literal representation. Working in the studio, she manipulates translucent white or black scrims backlit by natural light – sometimes the scrim alone, sometimes combined with symbolic objects – to create intense, seemingly introspective Images.

As Donald Kuspit writes, “Conventional photography seems to render fact accurately, but Stern shows that photography can appear to render – not simply suggest –unconscious feeling.

In conjunction with the publication of SKULL, her eight series of skull images created over 25 years, Lynn will hold a conversation with novelist William Boyd, who was initially a painter and has published numerous essays on art. Boyd has written that we “go to photography for images of reality.” This dialogue can be expected to offer provocative ideas about the medium’s essential characteristics, as well as its relation to painting.




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