TED sensation Rachel Botsman with 3.5m views comes to the how to: Academy stage to talk about one of the biggest social transformations in human history with fundamental consequences for policy-makers, entrepreneurs and indeed everyone.

In this ground-breaking talk, Rachel Botsman will show how a new world order is emerging: we have lost faith in brands, leaders and systems, but millions of people every day rent their home to total strangers on AirBnB, exchange cryptocurrency online, or get in the car of an unknown Uber driver. This is the age of distributed trust; a paradigm shift driven by new technologies that are rewriting the rules of an all-too-human relationship.

If we are to benefit from this radical transformation, it is vital that we understand the new mechanics of how trust is built, managed, lost and repaired. Join Rachel as she provides a detailed map of this uncharted landscape – and explores what’s next for humanity.





Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

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