What happens when declining birth-rates and mass immigration combine with a European culture transfixed by guilt about its past and diffidence about its values? The answer, says Douglas Murray, is the perfect storm.

Europe is tired. Tired of crisis, tired of change, too exhausted to face up to the changes it has brought upon itself. Over three decades or more, our elites have turned a blind eye to the failures of integration.Not for demographic and political reasons, but because the very project of diversity is fraught beyond solution.

Tolerance has no borders, we are told – but it is a process, not a given, and the broader the gesture the more difficult the digestion. What if diversity ends by making us collectively more intolerant? Multiculturalism does not enlarge our values but will submerge and destroy them.

Bernard-Henri Lévy brings a different perspective. He too has raised a cry of alarm about the crisis facing the European project and the dream behind it. But as an intellectual he wants more reasons.

His mission is to mediate between the community and the universal idea, between reasons of state and those of justice. Europe has had no choice but to respond to the flow of desperate migrants in its direction. And what exactly are we defending? What is this unique identity that is in danger of being lost?

There have been unpredented crises, and a fracturing of consensus. Europe isn’t ageing well, but it isn’t dying, and the European idea lives in its capacity to see beyond endgame scenarios.

Join us for a conversation across political borders, about the most difficult proposition of our time: that Europe as we know it will cease to exist within the lifespans of most Europeans alive today.



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