Christopher Andrew in conversation with former Director General MI5 Jonathan Evans.

We all accept that states need intelligence services. Or do we? For a long time espionage was thought of as a disreputable activity, and one that the British at least should not stoop to under any circumstances. As a result, much of its history has remained hidden.

Intelligence has frequently changed the course of events, and there have always been spies amongst us: they served the Greeks against the Trojans; they have permeated every society from ancient India to Elizabethan England, from the Vatican to the Tsarist court. During the Cold War espionage became a high art; with the information revolution it has become a humdrum if pervasive reality: today we are all citizens of the surveillance state and spies are back on the front page.

Join us for an exclusive evening with Christopher Andrew – whose new book is the widest ranging history of intelligence and security operations yet written – in conversation with Jonathan Evans, former Director General of MI5.




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