How many trees are there on the planet? Do busier hospitals have higher survival rates? Why do old men have big ears? The answers to these and many other questions can be revealed by statistical science. Join Professor David Spiegelhalter for a crash course in gaining knowledge from data.

Most of us only encounter statistics through sensationalist claims in the media about dieting or diseases. But in the digital age, data scientists play a more powerful role in steering society than ever before. Isn’t it time we all learned to become statistically literate?

Drawing from his forthcoming book, The Art of Statistics, David will show us how to determine reliable statistics from suspect fake news. As President of the Royal Statistical Society, he is a world-renowned authority on data science; but as a BBC broadcaster and author, he has perfected the art of helping the rest of us make sense of the conceptual issues at the heart of this challenging discipline.

David will show us how to determine the luckiest passenger on the Titanic, whether serial killer Harold Shipman could have been caught earlier, and if screening for ovarian cancer is beneficial. Fans of Ben Goldacre and Nate Silver ought not to miss this chance to learn how to distinguish the signal from the noise.






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