We are seeing a generation of children and teens with excessively high levels of stress, whether from exam pressure, pressure exerted by friends online, and lack of sleep. But few parents recognise the ‘hidden stressors‘ that their children are struggling with.

This talk by Dr Shankar based on his new book, Help Your Child Deal With Stress – and Thrive, will give you the tools to help you recognise stress and understand your child’s behaviour, and show how by teaching children the art of self-regulation, it can transform their behaviour helping them to learn to deal with experiences, and develop the confidence, along with the skills and emotional strength needed to navigate the pressures and stresses of the modern world.




In this important and timely book, Stuart Shanker encourages us to see our children in a whole new light and gives us the tools we need to help nurture our young in order that they can better manage stress, build resiliency and improve their emotional health. Today’s pupils are under serious pressure to perform; by helping children recognize, identify and talk about their emotions, we can help them find balance and ultimately realise their true potential.’ Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, co-founder of Action for Happiness.



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