From prehistoric Sardinian fairy houses to laser-controlled mazes with moveable walls, humans have always been fascinated by mazes and labyrinths, and there are more mazes in the world today than there ever have been before. They underlie the stories we tell, from myths of Minotaurs to the plays of Shakespeare, the Alice in Wonderland books and Hollywood blockbusters. In different cultures around the world they represent birth, life, love and frequently death. But who is making these complex, confusing structures, and how and why do they do it?

Join Henry Eliot, author of Follow This Thread, on a quest for the lost Maze King and a surprising exploration of the history and psychology of these strange but seductive spaces.




About Follow This Thread

Labyrinths are as old as humanity, the proving grounds of heroes, the paths of pilgrims, symbols of spiritual rebirth and pleasure gardens for pure entertainment.

Henry Eliot leads us on a twisting journey through the world of mazes, real and imagined, unravelling our ancient, abiding relationship with them and exploring why they continue to fascinate us, from Kafka and Kubrick to the myth of the Minotaur and a quest to solve the disappearance of the legendary Maze King.

“Delightful, ingenious and beautifully designed”, Philip Pullman




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