How would you like to get business startup advice straight from the man who co-founded Global Entrepreneurship Week and StartUp America? Well now you can. Carl Schramm, the man described by THE ECONOMIST as ‘the evangelist of Entrepreneurship‘, is coming to the how to: Academy with a talk packed with tools and techniques to help you get your big idea off the ground.

In this talk based on his book Burn the Business Plan Carl will puncture the myth of the cool, tech-savvy 20-something entrepreneur with nothing to lose and venture capital to burn, showing that most people who start businesses are juggling careers and mortgages just like you.

This talk will encourage you to get started. This is THE guide to starting and running a business that will actually work for anyone wanting practical, real-world advice on how to start and run a successful business. It will show you how to avoid the common mistakes and what you need to do to put your enterprise on track for success.




Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

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