An unmissable chance to hear Geoffrey Robertson QC , one of the world’s leading human rights advocates, recalling battles on behalf of George Harrison and Julian Assange, Salman Rushdie and Václav Havel, Mike Tyson and the Sex Pistols, and battles against General Pinochet, Lee Kuan Yew and Mrs Thatcher (the true story of Spycatcher is told for the first time).

One of the UK’s leading human rights advocates, he’s saved the lives of many death-row inmates, freed dissidents and taken on tyrants in an extraordinary career whose other cast of characters includes Princess Diana, Pee-Wee Herman, Dame Edna, the Queen and Rupert – the bear and the media mogul.

Join us for an unmissable evening with Geoffrey Robertson discussing his life and career.




An amazing life, with gripping expositions of his milestone cases in human rights.”– Amal Clooney

If Robin Hood, King Arthur, St George, Florence Nightingale and Oscar Wilde were compressed into one witty, brilliant and compassionate lawyer they still wouldn’t come close to approximating that heroic champion of our laws and liberties that is the great Geoffrey Robertson. What a life and how crackingly well told. When a heart-stoppingly unputdownable comedy thriller turns out to be a truthful account of a real life, you know you’re onto a winner.”– Stephen Fry

Before I read Geoffrey’s brilliant book, I thought a barrister was a guy who made expensive coffee. I’m much wiser now.” – Billy Connolly





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