The bestselling author of Nudge presents a ground-breaking guide for anyone who wishes to fuel – or block – transformative social change.

Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler’s Nudge was that rarest of marvels: a book that genuinely changed the world. Inspiring political action from Cameron’s Downing Street to Obama’s White House, the ‘nudge’ has become famous as one of the most powerful tools any government has to persuade its citizens to make the right choices for their health, wealth and prosperity. Now Harvard’s Professor Sunstein joins the How To: Academy to reveal a new and compelling answer to one of the urgent questions of our age: how are social movements unleashed – and what can we do to control them?

Sometimes all it takes to change society is for one person to decide they will no longer remain silent. A child announces that the emperor has no clothes. A woman tweets, #MeToo. Suddenly, a taboo collapses for the better – or for the worse. Once white nationalism was kept out of the mainstream media and politics; now it is in the White House. Social movements can begin when rage is released – or quietly, with millions of people nudged into making different decisions until, without noticing, we live with a new status quo.

But what can we as individuals do to harness the power of social movements to make change happen? What kinds of interventions make a difference, and what kind lead to bans and mandates? How can we overcome social division, cause transformative cascades, and employ political parties as a force for good?

Bringing together behavioural economics, psychology, politics and law, Professor Sunstein will make sense of our turbulent present – and offer rich new insights into how we can change it.

  • An essential talk for fans of Daniel Kahneman, Yuval Noah Harari, Malcolm Gladwell and Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
  • A rare chance to hear from one of the most widely cited and influential scholars in the US – if not the world.






Logan Hall, University College London

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