Join us for this major debate featuring speakers from all sides of the political spectrum.

Should we have a further referendum to test whether the public still want Brexit.? But if there isn’t a further referendum should we stay in or leave a Customs Union.?

For the Brexiteers, Brexit means a clean break with the Customs Union. Anything else would be, in the words of International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, a ‘complete sell out’. We would thrive outside of it; no weighty contributions to Brussels, no need to sign up to the free movement rule and the freedom to negotiate free Trade Deals with non EU- Countries. So goes the argument of the Brexiteers. A hard brexit is the only way.

Not according to Jeremy Corbyn and a number of Tory ‘Remainer’ rebels.  Earlier this year the Labour Leader announced party support for a soft Brexit; leave the EU yes, and the Single Market, but stay within ‘A’ Customs Union.  We can avoid new tariffs, border checks – specifically the need for a ‘hard border’ with Northern Ireland – and ensure free flowing trade. All without committing to free movement, budget payments or supervision of the European Court of Justice.

In this innovative debate come and decide on the defining issues of the day- A second Referendum, a hard or soft Brexit.



Emmanuel Centre

9-23 Marsham Street
London SW1P 3DW

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