In this masterclass, award-winning science journalist David Robson reveals the cognitive fallacies that lead highly intelligent people to do stupid things – and how to avoid them.

As a rule, I have found that the greater brain a man has, and the better he is educated, the easier it has been to mystify him.” – Harold Houdini

From Arthur Conan Doyle’s belief in fairies to the crises of huge organisations like BP, Nokia and NASA, smart people are not only just as prone to making mistakes as everyone else – they may be even more susceptible.

Intelligent and educated people are less likely to learn from their mistakes, for instance, or take advice from others. And when they do err, they are better able to build elaborate arguments to justify their reasoning, meaning that they become more and more dogmatic in their views. Worse still, they appear to have a bigger ‘bias blind spot’, meaning they are less able to recognise the holes in their logic.

An award-winning author specialising in psychology and neuroscience, David Robson joins the How To Academy to teach strategies that we can all employ to avoid falling into ‘the intelligence trap’. His lessons that will help anyone to think more wisely and rationally in this post-truth world.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a CEO or a rocket scientist, and whatever your IQ, you can learn to think more wisely. This highly entertaining workshop will teach you how.





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